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Peace of Mind When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. A mistakenly purchased "lemon" car with hidden defects is the last thing anyone wants. Thankfully, Foreign Car Specialists in Poughkeepsie has the resources and tools that can help you make an educated buying decision. Savvy customers looking to buy a pre-owned car are also looking for a professional pre-purchase vehicle inspection, one that will identify both what might be wrong with the vehicle and also what's right with it.


A thorough used car inspection can confirm if you're about to acquire a peach or a lemon. Our vehicle inspection specialists are very experienced in assessing cars. We adopted digital vehicle inspection technology years before most other shops in our area, we're well accustomed to utilizing the software to ensure consistent and accurate evaluations. The inspectors here at Foreign Car Specialists have broad automotive experience, recent and relevant manufacturers' training and possess detailed knowledge of state and federal regulations. These guys have the experience to spot potential problems, saving customers from the likelihood of costly headaches in the future. They even address any additional areas of concern the buyer has identified.


The inspection will document the overall condition of the car, including fluids, electrical systems, cooling system, suspension, brakes, engine/exhaust, HVAC, tires, and the presence of scratches, dents, or rust on the body. The car will be placed up on a lift to examine the underside for fluid leaks and other areas of concern. Technicians scan the car's various computers for trouble codes including engine, transmission, ABS and airbag electronics. All safety components are examined for condition and function, and assuming the vehicle is street legal and safe weather conditions exist, it will be test driven to evaluate drivetrain performance, check it's steering, suspension, and engine performance. Gathered data will also include vehicle specific research for safety recalls, service campaigns and technical service bulletins gleaned from the manufacturers themselves. Unfortunately, some sellers have been known to clear check engine lights prior to showing a vehicle. Normal code readers cannot identify data that has been cleared from dashboard displays. Foreign Car Specialists uses the latest, most advanced scan tools in the industry. In most cases, we are able to extract data hidden in the memory banks which is not visible to those using standard equipment. As a result, purchasers will be made aware of any trouble codes that have been previously cleared and hidden from view.


Upon completion, the inspector will upload a written vehicle assessment report, including at least 25 to 30 photographs to the Service Advisors. The report is then reviewed and photographs are edited with circles and/or arrows, to clarify areas that may need attention. Notifications are sent out the moment the report is ready for the customer to login and review. Of course, the report is sent directly to the person who is ordering and paying for the inspection and not to anyone else. Should the inspection uncover any concerns, including upcoming maintenance items, the Service Advisors will estimate the repairs or preventative service costs associated. This information not only provides purchasers peace of mind about the car they're buying but also can be used for further negotiations with the seller.


Local buyers are not the only folks who can benefit from pre-purchase inspection services. Those looking to buy a car from far away certainly have something to gain. Online car-buying websites have given consumers access to an endless supply of vehicles they may not have found otherwise, but purchasing a car long distance can be risky. Not having the ability to see the vehicle in person makes it difficult to commit. The team at Foreign Car Specialists specializes in assisting buyers with long-distance purchases to provide an extra level of insurance they're getting a good buy.


With a little planning, the inspection process can be simple, not to mention as revealing as an expert witness on the Grand Jury stand. Most used car sellers will allow you to make arrangements for an inspection. At Foreign Car Specialists we are happy to contact your seller to make arrangements for the vehicle to be brought in to our facility. If the seller hesitates, you might wonder what they're hiding and consider walking away from the deal.


There's plenty of information available on the internet for just about every vehicle on the road, but what you really need is peace of mind about the specific car you are buying. While no inspection is guaranteed to identify every problem in a pre-owned car, a good mechanic will know what to look for and have the equipment, education, and experience needed to provide purchasers with invaluable information. Having the ability to make an informed decision allows buyers to purchase with confidence and saves a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Documented proof of vehicle condition with photographs and an unbiased, honest, expert evaluation provides buyers with excellent negotiating power. There is no better value when purchasing a used car than obtaining a pre-purchase inspection.

Income Tax Refund
Looking to buy a used car with that tax refund? You're going to want to make sure that vehicle is a trusty
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