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Back-To-School Driving Safety Tips

Even though it’s still hot and muggy, it’s time to start thinking of back-to-school. Also if you don’t have school-age children, it’s still important to reassess how we drive around schools and bus stops. Children are most likely to get hit by a car close to a school. They often are horsing around (or on their cell phones!) and not paying attention to what’s going on around them. That’s why it becomes doubly important that we are driving with minimal distractions ourselves. Leave your phone untouched until you get to where you are going and heed all posted speed-limit signs. They’re there for a reason, not just to annoy you. When the yellow light is flashing, it means slow way down. When the yellow school bus’ lights are flashing red, that means stop. It’s incredible just how many children still get hit when crossing in front of their school bus. 

Make sure you are prepared to share the roads with all the kiddos heading back to school and be on the lookout for them not just walking, but riding their bikes to school. Give yourself plenty of time to get your children to school on time or to get through a school zone since it does require extra time. Take extra patience with you too since it can sometimes be a frustrating experience. ‘Better to be safe than sorry’ may be an old adage, but it certainly applies here! 

Be prepared to follow your school’s drop off and pick up rules and if this is your first time at this school, give yourself the extra time you need to see how it all works first hand. If you can find the time, even go to the school a few days ahead of time to help get the lay of the land. Whatever you do, drive slowly and keep your foot over the brake pedal as much as you can to give you that split second jump you might need to come to a stop and avoid a bad day. 

Foreign Car Specialists cares very much about your safety and the safety of our children. Come in for an inspection this month to make sure your brakes are in working order and that any other drivability issue is addressed before navigating the school zone in your neighborhood. We will do everything to ensure your safety and that of our entire community. We want you safe! 


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